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Pattern Release - The Wildflower Dress

The perfect spring or summer dress for babies and kids. It uses basic stitches and simple construction, so it's beginner friendly, and the straps are completely adjustable so you don't have to worry about making them the perfect length. This would make a great baby shower or birthday gift.  This pattern was made with WeCrochet's Heatherly Sport , and is available here:  

Bella the Boba Tea - New Version

Bella the Boba Tea  This post contains affiliate links, all links are for products that I have used and recommend, by purchasing items through this link I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you which helps me continue to make free patterns for you to enjoy I originally made this pattern almost three years ago when I first started designing and I decided it was time to update it. The pattern is the same, I just switched up the format so it’s the same as my more recent patterns and added some more instructions and photos in order to make it easier to follow.  This pattern is super quick and easy, it took me a little less than an hour, but if you're a beginner or haven't done a lot of amigurumi, it may take you a little bit longer.  I’ve made the boba tea using lots of different colours for the tea and white for the lid, but you could also use any combination of colours. I used a worsted weight acrylic yarn because I find it works really well for amigurumi, is aff

Citrus Earrings - Free Pattern

Citrus Earrings:   With warm weather fast approaching, (I can't believe it's almost March!) I thought I’d do a quick pattern for these adorable citrus earrings. I made orange earrings, but you don’t have to, you could make lemons, limes, grapefruit, or another kind of citrus. For this pattern I used embroidery thread, but you could use crochet thread, embroidery thread splits super easy so it can be frustrating to work with but you can get a small amount so you don’t have to get 500+ yards of crochet thread for something that you only need a yard of yarn. Materials: Embroidery thread in 3 colours: White, and the two colours for the fruit (I used a brighter orange and an orangey-yellow.  2mm Crochet Hook  Yarn Needle Stitch Markers (safety pins or scrap yarn also works great!) Abbreviations: Rnd: Round Sc: Single Crochet st(s): Stitch(es) *: Repeat the instructions between * and * as many times as stated Pattern: Using Light Orange Yarn  Rnd1: Sc 6 in Mr (6 sts) Rnd2: Sc 2 in ea

Faux Fur Rug - Free Pattern

  Faux-Fur Rug This pattern is perfect to make for any room in your house, it's super easy and the super fuzzy bulky yarn makes it work up super quickly, and it's super soft! The perfect first in the round project, as you won't be able to see any mistakes since the yarn is super fuzzy. It is hard to see your stitches, but since they're so big I didn't have any problems feeling for them. If you do replace the faux fur yarn with another super bulky yarn, your rug will likely come out a lot smaller than mine since Fable Fur is a lot thicker than most super bulky yarns. This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase through one of these links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you, this helps me to continue making free patterns. Abbreviations:  Rnd: Round Sc: Single Crochet Mr: Magic Ring Sts: Stitches *: Everything between * and * should be repeated as many times as stated  Slst: Slip Stitch Materials:  - Faux Fur Yarn (I used Fable Fur

The Seed Stitch Hat - Free Pattern

The Seed Stitch Hat The next pattern using the seed stitch, a gorgeous winter hat, also known as a toque here in Canada. It’s still fairly cold here, so this will still get lots of use before the warm weather finally approaches. This is the perfect project to whip up in an hour or two and the end results are absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you so much to less traveled yarns for providing the yarn to make a sample, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.  Less traveled yarns is a hand-dyed yarn shop, all of their gorgeous yarns are hand-dyed in Pheonix, Arizona. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from, I made my sample using the colour Obsidian and the Worsted base. The yarn was so soft, and the fabric was stretchy. You can check out all the amazing yarns they have here .  Materials:  #4 Worsted Weight Yarn I used Less Traveled Yarn's Worsted and WeCrochet's Swish Worsted 5.5 mm crochet hook (or size required to meet gauge)  Yarn Needle Scissors  Faux Fur Pompom